PMW-Industries | Mission


The heart of PMW lies in providing the solutions for betterment of your life - helping brighten your roads, bring warmth to your homes, provide safety on the streets and keep your lines of communication consistently stable.

pre-stressed spun concrete pole & pile solutions

Our Core Values



Customer's satisfaction at all aspects is our priority


We are committed to maintain and advance product's quality consistently


We are committed to minimize cost to meet client's need.


On-time delivery is our pride.

our technology

  • Plant designed to capable of 10 poles a day to more than 300 poles a day.
  • Stronger, lighter and perfect smooth surface finishing poles are achieved through proficiency of pole spinning for more than 600 rpm to get more than 30G (30 times of gravity force).
  • Concrete grades of G50 to more than G80 are used.