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pre-stressed spun concrete pole & pile solutions

Fully Automatic Steel Wire Caging Machine

For consistency of cage formation, tapered and non-tapered, together with efficiency and effectiveness of manufacture, the needs for PMW Automatic Steel Wire Caging Machine arise.
The in-feed of longitudinal wires of rolled form are straightening device and through to welding position. The rotation welding electrode driving the spiral wire, rotates accordingly at the circumference of the preset required diameter and weld on the position where both spiral and longitudinal wire meet, thus forming the cage.
For tapered cage, mechanisms will concurrently enlarge or reduce to cater for the required taped diameter. Automatically - Straightening, Cutting, Feeding & Welding.

Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine

For the consistence feeding of concrete into mold, PMW Automatic Concrete Feeding Machine is the solution.
The feeding concrete is done by having mold sits on the trolley, which moves inward to insert the concrete injection pipe into the center of the mold. As the trolley moves outward, predetermined volume of concrete is displaced into the mold.
The speed of the trolley and the volume of the concrete are electrically programmed to ensure high consistency of volume throughout the production process, and this will eliminate the wastage of concrete.

PC Wire (Bar) Cutting Machine

The PC wire straightening and cutting machine straighten and cuts the reinforcing bar PC wire of PC bar to a tolerance of +1mm per 10m lengths. The machine operates automatically.
By employing fly wheel, mechanical cutting device and cutting sensors, this machine is to ensure uniform cut-length of PC wires of PC.

Warm Heading Machine

This machine is used to form button head on both ends of PC Wire (Bar) by using direct heating method.
This machine consists of clamp chuck, electrode head and double acting air cylinders with multiple chambers; it is installed with adjustable control device to automatically control the air pressure, heating time, heating temperature in order to ensure consistency of button head's strength and shape.

Centrifugal Spinning Machine

PMW centrifugal spinning machine for spun concrete pole & pile is driven by variable speed DC motor. The spinning process is automatically controlled with a simple push button on control panel. High centrifugal force extracts the excess water from the fresh concrete which placed in the mold.
This process makes the concrete extremely denser, thus improves the quality of the concrete. The pole produced will have smooth surface with void cross-section. The spinning process starts with slow revolution, and concrete will be distributed uniformly over the full length of the mold. The revolution will increase automatically to medium speed and finally to high speed. At the highest speed, large magnitudes of centrifugal force (30g) acts to compact the concrete.

Pre-Tensioning Machine

This machine is used to stress the PC wire (bar) of PC pole/pile, and it consists of hydraulic pump and accessories. The hydraulic cylinder is mounted on a trolley supported with adjustable height to suit the centerline of the mold.
The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with safety device to prevent over-tensioning of the PC wire (bar). Uniform pre-stressing (tensioning) is applied to all the wires (bars) that resulted in better quality of product.