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Concrete Poles

A centrifugally cast reinforced concrete pole, also known as "Spun Concrete Pole" which combines elegance with durability and surpasses most other materials in the marketplace.

pre-stressed spun concrete pole & pile solutions

Spun Concrete Poles

For Electricity Transmission & Distribution.


PMW Monopole was introduced to the local market back in early 2004, when Malaysian Telecommunication Companies approached PMW Industries Sdn Bhd, started to develop and introduces PMW Monopole as an alternative for telecommunication tower solutions.

Why PMW Concrete Monopole?

  • Simple to install
  • Aesthetic finishing
  • Maintenance free
  • Longer Product service lifespan l
  • Minimal site area required
  • Cost saving
  • Rust proof
  • Greater stability and better performance
  • Minimal deflection
  • Not visible as microwave towers

Catenary Poles

For Railway Electrification

Decorative Poles

Apart from production of our existing ranges of concrete poles, we welcome customer to provide their design where we do manufacture our own molds for production of newly designed poles.

Our Decorative Concrete Poles comes with multiple type of finishing

  • Plain concrete colored finishing
  • Colored protective coating
  • Sand coating
  • Epoxy flakes coating
  • Pebble washed coating

Pole mounting method

  • Direct embedment (Planted type)

Concrete Stump

A strong strength footing is required to hold a long high concrete or steel poles, to keep the pole stand strong & long lasting, the footing here is specially design & created with a unique & details research & report, this footing can hold a pole more than 4 years above.

Other Concrete Products

  • Cable Through
  • Artificial Reefs
  • Segmental Manhole
  • Kicking Block